This blog was originally created by three best friends looking for the perfect last summer, now they're reunited and ready for winter break...

The List.

Who we are:

We’re all at Woodfield again. We haven’t gotten like anything off the list because it hasn’t fucking snowed. Okay. That’s all.
Have a jolly day.

We’re at Woodfield, crossing stuff off the list, you know how it is.
Woodfield trip numero uno. CHIKA YEAH DAWG.

Winter Break To-Do List
  • Tiffany to make out with five guys.
  • Go ice skating three times.
  • Epic Meal Time.
  • Snowball fight in bathing suits.
  • Make moustache chocolate lollipops.
  • Go clubbing.
  • Make the most epic snowman ever.
  • Go sledding twice.
  • Sarah and Hailey visit Tiffany at Marquette.
  • Tiffany and Hailey visit Sarah at DePaul.
  • Get Molly’s Cupcakes.
  • Go TPing.
  • See ‘Like Crazy’.
  • Get a random guys number.
  • At least three Woodfield trips. (1)
  • Make Christmas/Hanukkah cookies.
  • Take pictures with Santa Claus in Ugly Sweaters.
  • Play dreidel.
  • Make snow angels in random peoples yards.
  • Bowling, bowling, bowling.
  • Hot tubbing.
  • Go thrifting.
  • Make a Gingerbread house.
  • Christmas Movie Marathon.


Winter Break starts now bitches.


This winter, Sarah, Hailey, and I (Tiffany) will be reunited once again! These past few months in college have been hell without my best friends and I’m so excited for winter break. We’re going to be inseparable. But what the fuck are we supposed to do with all of our time? & we need to be able to say “we need to do it for the list”, so the list is back but for winter break this time around. 

I know, this is a bit early to be putting stuff up, but how are we supposed to have a winter list if we don’t have any ideas. So everybody should help add to our bucket list for this winter. (: Just inbox us with any ideas you have!! We’ll love you forever. Or text me or something. Lmfao.

Don’t forget, no regrets. <3

So, i know it&#8217;s no longer summer, but i swear this happened this summer. I&#8217;m just lazy. so sorry this post is like two months late. 
I got my number 2, and also my boyfriend. c: this is like the only picture of the two of us, we&#8217;re in the middle. I look not very good, but whatevs.
I didn&#8217;t reach my goal of three, but i&#8217;m perfectly happy with just getting to number 2. It&#8217;s better than I thought i&#8217;d do. 
well, sorry for interrupting your dash with this belated list post. goodnight. 

 My parentals are out getting Pizza for dinner tonight, so I&#8217;m wif my sistas in the condo. This is my last family dinner before I&#8217;m a college student. Last night sleeping under the same roof as my parents until December. This is so bizzare, guise.
Ladida. This time tomorrow, I will be completely moved into my dorm room with Nicole and Marie. I need to get over my awkward behaviors and be social tomorrow. I must be outgoing. CAN&#8217;TBESHY. I have to change, and make friends. Oh boy.
I&#8217;m so scared, but so excited. Wish me luck?

Yep, it’s the day. Hailey Fletcher is finally leaving Huntley and all that she knows and loves to pack up and move to St. Augustine, Florida. It still doesn’t feel real. I’ll be over a thousand miles away from home. I’ve wanted this for so long, to move back to Florida ever since I moved to Illinois back in fourth grade. And now, I’m terrified. I won’t know anyone. I can’t just come home on the weekends, Thanksgiving, or whenever I want. I won’t be back in this exact same spot until Decemeber. It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m leaving in four hours. This has been one of the most amazing summers of my life, which if you know me at all, is saying a lot. I grew up a lot this summer. I made a lot of mistakes, but no regrets. I did a lot that I thought I would never do, I hung out with people and become closer with those I didn’t think I ever would, drifted apart from those I never dreamed of, and became stronger.

Ahem. I never got to finish this post because I got caught up in packing everything up, I had no time yesterday after Lisa trimming my hair, going to Applebee’s to pick up my final paycheck and tips, and going to the bank. Yesterday we left at 3 to pick up Ella from school. Said my good byes to Sarah, Dylan, Lisa, Cory, and Bobby yesterday. It was really weird, saying goodbye. Since I felt like I’d be back home in just a few days. Not until December. Last night we drove straight through, and we got to St. Augustine around 11. Went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up the last of stuff for my dorm that we had shipped from Crystal Lake. Just went to the beach for a little bit and the pool at the condo my parents are staying at for a week down here on St. Augustine beach. I’m about to go to the store with my mom to pick up food for the condo. It’s probably going to rain soon because of hurricane Irene, but it’s been nice so far.

Still can’t believe I won’t be in Huntley until December. I’m going to miss the high school, but more so the people and the memories it carried. But I can’t dwell on the past. I have tons of picture frames and a photo album so I don’t get too sad.

My skype username is hailey.marina

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME EVERYONE. I had an amazing summer, thanks to everyone who was apart of it <3

 Best friends, to infinity and beyond &lt;3

Hey guys, Tiffany. I&#8217;m leaving today so I just wanted to put some final words of the summer for me.
We started this blog the night after graduation, our main reason being that we wanted to document our summer in a way that was easy, fun and something we could all access. We made a list of stuff we wanted to get done. Some of it is literally impossible, like making out with fifteen guys in one summer. Some of it was stuff we wanted to make sure we did together before we left, like our Chris Pine movie night. But together they made a list that we stuck to. We would call each other and say &#8220;We have to do this for the list&#8221;. It made it impossible for us to not see each other all summer. It gave us reasoning to hang out. In the end though, this didn&#8217;t turn out to be just some blog with a list. It made me not want to leave my best friends even more. It shows everyone what best friends are. This blog will forever contain so many amazing memories I got to share with two of the most amazing people I know. This summer was the best summer of my life. &lt;3
Sarah &amp; Hailey, you guys are my best friends. I&#8217;m never taking this ring off. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you. I love you.
 &amp; So what if we didn&#8217;t finish the list. There&#8217;s always next summer. (: